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Harry Lim

Harry Lim

Harry’s professionalism, enthusiasm and positive attitude sets him apart. He is known for his passionate, yet hands-on and practical approach to meeting the high standards that he sets for himself. 

As a member of the NAI Harcourts team, Harry’s vast experience and knowledge accumulated from over 20 years in working in the corporate sector, as well as owning and managing his successful private businesses and property investments, will be put to good use for you.

Harry’s approach to servicing your needs is simple – find out what you want and what you expect, and then work with you to achieve it. You can count on him going the extra distance to deliver the right results for you.

Harry is also the Team Leader of the Asian Commercial and Business Brokers Unit.

林勋国(Harry Lim)

林勋国因其积极又具实践性的工作手法来达到他为自己设立的高标准而闻名。作为NAI Harcourts团队中的一员,林先生将会用他超过20年在大型企业工作及其成功经营自己公司及地产投资所积累的知识与经验,为您提供上乘的服务。林先生于1978年从新加坡来新西兰定居,现已超过35年,他对多元文化的理解与关系也尤为热衷。林先生为您提供服务的方式很简单---寻找出您的需求及期望,并与您一同努力实现。您可以信赖林先生会用他最热诚的服务帮助您实现所期待的目标。


RE: Reference for Harry Lim of NAI Harcourts

Harry has been really patient and knowledgeable on listings. Throughout the whole process of our purchasing he has always kept us informed. We would recommend him to all our friends.

J Hong - Ilam, Christchurch

RE: Reference for Harry Lim of NAI Harcourts 

I found Harry to be completely professional in his approach, and his advice to be very astute. The result we got was evidence of this. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending his services. 

 Vendor - Greg Hornsby 25/06/2015