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References for Harry Lim

"Harry has been really patient and knowledgeable on listings. Throughout the whole process of our purchasing he has always kept us informed. We would recommend him to all our friends." - J Hong, Ilam, Christchurch

"I have had business dealings with Harry Lim for the last five years.  The first time I dealt with Harry was in 2012 when we chose him as exclusive leasing agent for a new building that we owned in Ferry Road.  The building had multiple tenancies and Harry leased each tenancy within three months. In 2016 we opted to sell the building in order to bring our property portfolio closer to our base in Nelson.  We asked Harry to sell the building on our behalf.  The property was sold by public auction and achieved a price above our expectations.  For this we have to thank Harry.  His marketing savvy and professionalism generated the maximum coverage for the building and ensured that there were multiple bidders.  Harry provided attention to detail, ensured at all times we were well briefed and ensured closure of the sale once bidding was completed.  As well as business acumen, Harry is just a great person to do business with. Transparent, honest, motivated and committed to the client. I would thoroughly recommend Harry Lim as a sales and leasing agent for any property or business." - Mike Glover

References for Simon Rowland-Jones

"Our requirements for a property for our business could not be considered typical but Simon worked with us from our first meeting, over several months, in pursuit of a property that was suitable. He was enthusiastic, diligent and decisive, he persevered until he found us a property that worked. Simon was easy to communicate with and always willing to discuss the options. Simon went beyond my expectations as a property consultant and I wish to express my sincere thanks to Simon for the extended journey he joined us on." - M Mathieson, Purchaser

"We found Simon to be very personable, he was recommended to us. Simon has made every effort to secure a sale for us, we have never before experienced the focus that Simon displayed in his endeavor to reach a satisfactory outcome." - J & S Warring, Vendors

References for Toby Nicholls

"Our group of companies on a weekly basis deal with commercial real estate people, and over the years have dealt with many. Toby Nicholls is one who certainly stands out! We have done several transactions now with Toby and have found him very professional, dedicated and focused to the business at hand with our best interest paramount." - Shaun Stockman, KPI Rothschild


"We've been working with Toby since he began at NAI Harcourts and have been impressed at his ability to see and share the vision for our developments with the right people. He's extremely quick to act, takes initiative and has a well thought out approach to each project. He's well connected throughout Christchurch and we thoroughly enjoy working with him." - James Stringer, Box112

References for Howard Buchanan

"Having heard mention of Howard Buchanan’s reputation for excellence as a Body Corporate  / Property Manager in late 2009, I met with him to discuss the possibility of his performing this role on behalf of The Peterborough Centre Body Corporate. At that time I was immediately impressed by the professionalism, experience and attention to detail that were clearly part of his character and his work ethic.


Following that meeting Howard remained in contact and when events brought about by the Feb 2011 Earthquake ensured the Body Corporate Committee for The Peterborough required further guidance I had no hesitation in referring him to members for the role.


Since that time I have worked closely with Howard and have been enormously impressed with the loyalty, sincerity and un-paralleled commitment he has provided the owners within body corporate and the task at hand.


He has worked tirelessly to assist our Body Corporate executive committee in order to ascertain and realize the best possible outcome for the body corporate as a whole, The historic building itself and also the city of Christchurch by way of negotiating and creating a sale arrangement that not only maximized our ability as a body corporate to establish and recover optimum insurance compensation, but also ensured the unanimous agreement of all 37 unit owners to sell our severely damaged historic building and land to the single party best able to ensure its future repair  which would otherwise not be an option.


Had Howard not been involved in this task I have little doubt that outcome for all parties would have been quite different, his exceptional body corporate and building management skills, his prior knowledge of the building industry, his ability to coordinate numerous parties and tasks while still communicating ideas and concepts clearly to all involved and most importantly his integrity are the factors that have ensured our building and our owners have come through the enormous test that we faced having achieved without doubt our goal of the absolute best possible outcome for all involved.

Please do not hesitate to make contact with me in the event you require any further information with regard to the above.

Yours Sincerely" Coral Mazlin- Hill, Chairman BC 79647 – The Peterborough

"With the sale and final settlement of Bridgewater I just wanted to thank you all for the amazing effort you all put into negotiations. Howard of course took a leading role and he was brilliant but everyone helped out and Shaun Cottrell was a tower of strength too and Louise always was prompt, accurate and helpful. Bridgewater was an amazing community and I had 11 happy years there and while I have moved on I still miss it if I reflect on those happy years all of which were guided by Howard. A big thank you to you all." Bevan Whitty, Committee Member, Bridgewater Apartments Body Corporate 76019